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Fully in control thanks to our Intelligent power solutions

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) distributes electrical power between servers and other equipment in IT server racks. The PDU is also called a power strip, power distributor or professional plug block, and is usually used in combination with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) emergency power supply. Kannegieter offers an extensive range of standard and intelligent PDUs (ePDUs), single-phase and three-phase UPS systems, with associated monitoring and management tools, ensuring efficient and reliable energy distribution and optimal connectivity. Moreover, management is significantly simplified. Here are some examples of our (intelligent) power solutions:

Standard PDUs

Kannegieter offers a wide range of PDUs or power strips for easy installation in IT server racks, from single-phase to three-phase and including Schuko, C13 or C19 outlets or combinations thereof.

Intelligent PDUs with monitoring functions

Are you looking for intelligent power strips that allow you to monitor your network environment (remotely)? Then choose our ePDUs! These intelligent PDUs not only provide efficient energy distribution but also make critical infrastructure data visible in real-time, in combination with sensors. Think, for example, of energy consumption, temperature (heat), humidity, and leakage, based on which you can improve your server and consumption management, increase uptime, and save a lot of energy and money. The ePDU helps to meet the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Ports can be easily switched on or off remotely, allowing voltage-free service to be provided. Thanks to high density, more connections can be realized in the same space. Moreover, because energy consumption per outlet is visible, you can bill based on usage.

UPS system: the emergency power supply for your network

Part of the intelligent power solution is also the UPS system. Most hardware is very vulnerable to power surges. A UPS absorbs these surges, protecting your equipment better and significantly extending its lifespan. However, the most important function of the UPS is to keep critical equipment in operation for a certain period in case of voltage drops or brief power outages. With the help of the ePDU and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software, you can easily set which equipment is most essential. In case of a prolonged power outage, the UPS provides an opportunity to shut down equipment in a controlled manner and/or to make a (additional) backup quickly. If you also want to keep your critical equipment in operation during prolonged power outages, we recommend adding a battery system.

Energy storage for commercial and industrial buildings

Become less dependent on your energy provider and optimize the use of self-generated energy with an energy storage system.
The energy storage system allows you to utilize self-generated energy or energy from the grid when needed. This turns the building into an energy hub, reducing its CO2 footprint. Energy storage systems also offer the opportunity to systematically reduce peak loads, shift loads, and maximize the use of solar energy for self-consumption. Facing limitations on the energy grid? Explore the possibilities of an energy storage system. Flexible energy systems are the future.

Why choose Kannegieter's (intelligent) power solutions?

  • Balanced range of A-brand products, making every configuration possible.
  • Complete service: from a simple PDU to an intelligent system with monitoring functions and emergency power supply, and everything in between.
  • Expertise in the field.
  • Strong in customization.
  • Standard delivery from stock.
  • Extensive logistics and storage services, including Just-In-Time (JIT), Same Day, and Next Day deliveries.

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