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Educational organizations are always looking for ways to improve their teaching methods. Teaching materials are increasingly offered digitally and remotely (e-learning), with students collaborating online and in shared files on projects. In addition, more and more students are bringing laptops, tablets, and smartphones from home to be connected and/or to make notes, assignments, or exams. This is also known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). To enable the (Wi-Fi) connection of all these devices to the network, existing networks often need to be drastically modified to remain fully functional and secure.


Bring Your Own Device: the challenges

BYOD places new demands on network security, for example, to prevent data breaches, viruses, and other security issues. Additionally, BYOD requires networks with the right architecture, speed, and availability to support the desired connectivity. For example, the latest Wi-Fi 6 and 7 mesh networks can be of added value in this regard. The Wi-Fi routers ensure a good and stable Wi-Fi connection throughout the entire school campus, without dead zones or unwanted buffering.

Complete project guidance

In collaboration with IT departments, advisors, and installers, we are happy to find the best network solutions for every educational environment. We not only take into account the needs of the educational institution, existing infrastructure, applications, and licenses, but also security and GDPR.

High Performance Compute (HPC) clusters

More and more universities in our country have High Performance Compute (HPC) clusters, where computer servers are connected in a cluster. This achieves maximum memory and computing power. To realize an HPC, a high-end infrastructure with a good campus backbone is necessary.

High Performance Compute clusters often have a high density of fiber connections (High Density Network). In addition, high speeds of 100 Gbps and more must be achieved, for which the right equipment and cabling are necessary. Kannegieter is happy to play a role in this, from definition and design to delivery and project guidance. Because we are brand-independent, you are always assured of a technically and financially objective and fair advice.

Reduction of energy consumption

We also see a growing trend towards ‘smart’ and ‘connected’ educational buildings, where energy consumption must be further reduced. Insight into energy flows is essential for this. We also take our responsibility in this. Our power management solutions show exactly how much energy certain equipment consumes. Based on this, for example, clock speeds of server processors can be adjusted and/or servers can be put in ‘sleep mode’ when they are not working. Energy savings of 10% or more are not uncommon.

Choosing Kannegieter means choosing:

  • Custom advice.
  • Knowledge of current standards and norms.
  • Broad product portfolio.
  • Brand-independent.
  • High level of expertise.
  • Comprehensive service and project guidance.
  • Standard delivery from stock.
  • Extensive logistics and storage services, including Just-In-Time (JIT), Same Day, and Next Day deliveries.

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