Server Technology

ServerTech is Shaping the Future of Rack Power Distribution

ServerTech is leader in rack power distribution units for nearly 40 years, Server Technology PDUs are the choice for Fortune 100 companies to startups. Our passion is to push back the boundaries of PDU technology and deliver groundbreaking innovations such as the High Density and Cx (two-in-one) outlets. Our innovative approach drives about 50 new patents every year. We are committed to offering best-in-class products for data centers. Our proven ability to innovate brings the latest technological advances to PDUs, maximizing performance and flexibility.

Server Technology is engineering and manufacturing customer-driven, innovative, and exceptionally reliable power, access, and control solutions for monitoring and managing critical IT assets for continual availability.

Server Technology’s power strategy experts have provided power solutions for labs, data centers, and telecommunications operations for 40 years. Over 60,000 customers around the world rely on our rack power distribution units and award winning power management solutions to reduce downtime, facilitate capacity planning, improve energy utilization, and drive efficiency.

Stay Powered

Server Technology only focuses on power. With the best testing in the market and longest mean time to failure (MTTF), Server Technology provides uncompromising quality, reliability, and value for the datacenter. Our customers’ state that our quality is the number one reason why they choose Server Technology Rack PDUs.

Be Supported

Year after year our customers rate our support to be a key differentiator between us and our competitors. At Server Technology, comprehensive product support starts before you buy and extends throughout your relationship with us. Server Technology is focused on getting you the solutions you need when you need them – we strive to ship out your PDUs in 10 days or less.

Get Ahead

The ongoing exercise of designing new solutions has not only helped us secure a loyal customer base, it has also resulted in more Rack PDU design innovations then any of our competitors. With Server Technology you will get ahead.

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