A good, reliable, and secure IT network is vital

From patient care to critical functions in the Intensive Care, Operating Room, and Emergency Department, a good, reliable, and secure IT network is literally vital in healthcare. Pressured by aging populations, staffing shortages, and high costs, healthcare innovations follow one another in rapid succession. Nurse call systems, automatic alarm notifications, and biomedical machines are now widely anchored in healthcare. Sensor technology, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence are also no longer exceptions. To keep up with these and other healthcare innovations, an open, flexible, and future-proof IT infrastructure is essential. But how do you realize such an infrastructure? How do you make your healthcare institution agile? What standards and norms are you bound to? And what about privacy and data protection?

Academic hospitals such as Erasmus MC Rotterdam, UMC Groningen, and Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, often modernize their IT infrastructure over several years. They often choose natural moments when the care departments themselves are also modernized. A trend that is increasingly being followed by regional hospitals.

Comprehensive project guidance

To make these large-scale projects a success, collaboration throughout the entire chain must be guaranteed. Kannegieter likes to play a role in this by bridging the gap between installers, clients, and manufacturers: what will happen in a project? What does the planning look like? And which materials are needed at what time? But also, how is production going? Are delivery times realistic, or are there obstacles? How can Kannegieter provide a solution? Is it possible, for example, to purchase certain products earlier, keep them in stock, and/or assemble them in advance, so that Just-in-Time (JIT) deliveries are possible, installers never run out, and lead times and disruption on the construction site are minimized? And how can waste streams be reduced, and packaging materials best processed?

Attention to bandwidth and security

The buzzword for digitization in healthcare is bandwidth. With the advent of wifi, Internet of Things (IoT), and applications such as mobile health (mHealth), more and more is demanded of our networks. Higher bandwidths are needed to process and store the data from all applications well and quickly. But safety and privacy are also important issues. After all, the integrity and confidentiality of patient data must always be guaranteed. A responsibility that becomes even more complex as the wifi network becomes more accessible as a guest network from a hospitality perspective. Specialized knowledge is necessary to combine safety and accessibility correctly. Kannegieter can support in this regard. Additionally, we are happy to help with real-time tracking of assets.


More time for care thanks to Asset Tracking

Costs in healthcare are high. Therefore, constant efforts are made to reduce costs. Efficient use of goods is in line with this. In healthcare facilities such as hospitals and care centers, wheelchairs, beds, or even medical equipment such as ventilators are still too often lost. Caregivers lose a lot of time searching for this equipment, which unfortunately comes at the expense of their most important task: caring. Kannegieter offers a simple and effective solution for this: Asset Tracking. This provides an immediate overview of where a particular device is located and whether it is in use. Expensive equipment can thus be used much more efficiently.

100% in control thanks to Patch Management

In a hospital, it is essential that all equipment is connected correctly and in the right places. It is also important for administrators to have insight into where the patching is located. Kannegieter offers a handy Patch Management software tool for this purpose, which shows exactly where free space is available and which active equipment is connected to which locations. In case of changes, the system automatically updates the patch information. This speeds up processes, ensures that administrators always have up-to-date information, and enables easy transfer of patch management. For example, in case of illness, leave, or departure.

To ensure that networks in hospitals and other healthcare environments remain powered, Kannegieter also offers a wide range of UPS systems and (e)PDUs with surge protection and remote monitoring.

Choosing Kannegieter means:

  • Customized advice.
  • Knowledge of current standards and norms.
  • A broad product portfolio.
  • Brand independence.
  • High level of expertise.
  • Comprehensive service and project guidance.
  • Standard delivery from stock.
  • Extensive logistics and storage services, including Just-In-Time (JIT), Same Day, and Next Day delivery.

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